Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation and Planted Forests: Hype, Unintended Consequences, and Real Opportunities

Thursday, March 6, 2008
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Oregon State University,107 Richardson Hall, Corvallis, OR


Gordon Smith, Ph.D. is the principal of Ecofor LLC, a firm that works with project developers, greenhouse gas emission offset buyers, and landowners to analyze proposed emission mitigation projects, implement projects, and trade resulting greenhouse gas emission offsets. This mitigation work builds on Dr. Smith's work developing cost-effective methods for measuring change in forest and soil carbon stocks, including analysis of the effects of sampling design on statistical variability of carbon measurements, and quantifying the greenhouse gas emission benefits of biomass energy projects. He has consulted to states, the federal government, and local entities on greenhouse gas emission mitigation policy. He has implemented projects under a variety of greenhouse gas accounting systems, and developed contracts and institutional arrangements to define and exchange greenhouse gas emission offsets.

Dr. Smith is also Director of the EcoLandsSM Program at Environmental Resources Trust . The EcoLands Program provides third party verification of greenhouse gas emission inventories, emission reductions, and emission offsets. His previous work includes establishing a forest ecology research center at the University of Washington, performing institutional analysis for several government agencies and non-profits, and administering a committee of the Oregon House of Representatives. Other work included developing guidelines for certifying sustainable forest management under the Forest Stewardship Council, advising Indian tribes about management of reservation lands and resources, and operating a consulting and construction businesses. Dr. Smith has a Ph.D. in Forest Management from the University of Washington, a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University, and an undergraduate degree from Reed College. He is Vice Chair and Rigging Committee Co-Chair for Seattle Mountain Rescue. Dr. Smith has numerous technical and scholarly publications to his credit, including being the first technical author of the guidelines for quantifying terrestrial greenhouse gas emission offsets published by Duke University.