Innovative Applications of Douglas-fir in Building Design

Thursday, April 16, 2015
3:30 pm
107 Richardson Hall

This lecture will highlight advanced wood products that are the latest innovation in building construction, including tall structures.

Wood frame structures are experiencing a revival due to education, cost, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility; however, the best is yet to come.  Ethan will discuss the hurdles and challenges facing designers, the opportunities for increasing the volume of wood buildings, building code limitations and opportunities, hurdles and challenges facing manufacturers, and new engineered wood products spurring the revolution.  Laminated Veneer Lumber, Glu-Laminated Timber, and Cross Laminated Timber will be discussed in their role in the future of tall wood buildings with respect to time savings, quality, and costs.

As the Northwest Regional Director for the U.S. WoodWorks program, Ethan’s directive is providing project assistance, education, and resources for developers, architects, engineers, and contractors for code-compliant design, engineering, and construction of non-residential and multi-family wood buildings.  Ethan is a licensed engineer and joined WoodWorks when the pilot program went nationwide in 2011.  Prior to that Ethan had his own engineering firm for eight years and is a Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate of Cornell University specializing in structures.