Oregon's Biomass Experience: An Integrated Approach to Forest Biomass

Thursday, May 16, 2013
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
107 Richardson Hall

Lecture Description

What do we want our energy system to do for Oregon? By asking ourselves this key question we can think of our energy future in a new way. It is not simply what kind of energy can we create from biomass, but why? This lecture will review the policies, programs, and innovations that have made Oregon a leader in bioenergy and biofuel and the lessons that can be learned from our experience. The focus will be on how our policies have worked (or not), an integrated approach to economic development, natural resource management, and energy production, and review what the path forward looks like.

Speaker Biography

Matt Krumenauer is a Senior policy Analyst with the Oregon Department of Energy. Matt serves as the state’s program and technical lead for Oregon’s bioenergy programs. He is responsible for developing policies, strategies, initiatives, and programs to promote the development of renewable energy, alternative transportation fuels and related industries in Oregon.

 As co-chair of Oregon’s Forest Biomass Working Group and Oregon’s representative on the Pacific Region Biomass Partnership Matt works with a broad range of stakeholders to remove barriers to biomass utilization and promote rural economic development, forest health, and renewable energy production in Oregon and the region. Matt represents the Oregon Department of Energy on the Federal Forest Advisory Committee, and the Forest Cluster Economic Development Team. Matt holds a B.S. degree in Environmental Policy and Planning and a Masters of Business Administration.